Import spreadsheets into any App, API, or FTP server in minutes.

Works with tools your already use. Simple, no-code setup.
Automate end-to-end.

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  • Set up an import form in less than 2 minutes
  • Import CSV files or choose Google Sheets
  • Send imports to your API, Zapier, Google Sheets, Integromat, IFTTT, Shopify, Pipedrive, Salesforce, or any public API
  • Send imports to an FTP server via FTP or SFTP
  • Get an email address to auto-import from scheduled CSV export emails
  • Schedule automatic pulling & importing of Google Sheets or CSV files from FTP/SFTP servers
  • Combine & transform columns to make new values
  • Clean and extract parts of text from CSV values
  • Filter out unwanted / bad data before import
  • Fully customize JSON being posted to the API endpoint
  • See which rows are invalid immediately
  • Import values one at a time or in bulk requests to an API
  • Get an email when the import is done. No waiting for large files to import.
  • Automatic example spreadsheet for your users
  • Shows users what columns are required and optional
  • Create CSV files from Zapier, Integromat, or API calls from JSON
  • Data Privacy and GDPR compliant by default.
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EasyCSV enables you to upload CSV & Google spreadsheets for anything.

Import spreadsheets to your api or zapier

Connect EasyCSV to your App, Google Sheets, Shopify, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, FTP server, and many more systems.

1. Set up an upload form with rules for columns and values for acceptable spreadsheets.

2. Post to an existing public API or have your devs write a simple API endpoint to accept the import and process each record.

3. Any user you allow (there are security options) can then upload CSV files or Google Sheets with the EasyCSV spreadsheet upload form.

Why EasyCSV is better than building your own importer

1. Speed. Done in minutes.

EasyCSV is easy to setup by anyone. Maintainable by anyone. Your dev team can spend less than an hour integrating by using an existing API endpoint or writing a new, simple API endpoint.

Repeat this for as many different imports as you need. Making an importer from scratch often takes a week or more and is usually fragile and hard to use for your users.

Faster than setting up a javascript spreadsheet plugin

2. Beautifully simple for your or your users

The EasyCSV import experience is beyond what an internal team would ever build.

EasyCSV automatically:
• Creates an upload form
• Creates an email you can use to send scheduled CSV export emails for auto-importing
• Has scheduling to automate pulling and importing of Google Sheets or CSV files on FTP/SFTP servers
• Generates a downloadable example CSV/spreadsheet
• Shows what columns are required/optional
• Search Google Sheets for importing
• Tells users what rows have issues and what they are
• Emails users with the results of their import.

You or your users will be amazed and import more spreadsheets successfully.

Beautiful Spreadsheet uploader plugin

3. Safe & secure

We have multiple options for trusting uploads: Require Google Account to upload, Limit uploads to certain email domains, Require simple password to upload, Trade a unique token between EasyCSV and your app, Send imports to Zapier for more filtering or security features. All optional.

We have designed our systems to not keep any import data around, encrypt anything sensitive, and follow all GDPR regulations. Read our data policy

Secure CSV importing

How our customers are using EasyCSV

Export a CSV from one app and import into yours

Enable a user to bring their data into your application. They export their data as a CSV from their application or another service. Then you use EasyCSV to let them import it into your application.

Onboard a large customer

When you land that big customer they may have hundreds of users to setup. Enable your account managers to work in a spreadsheet and upload the final setup into your application

Bulk upload a list of eCommerce product listings

Many eCommerce websites enable their customers to easily upload a large list of products. EasyCSV allows them to easily set all the details on a list of products and get them onto a website fast.

Upload many CSV files, from many people, into one central Google Sheet

Do you have contractors doing lead prospecting? Don't want to give everyone access to one Google Sheet? Some EasyCSV customers set up one central Google Sheet then share an EasyCSV upload form link. Uploads go into one central sheet without the risk of someone unintentionally messing up the sheet contents and layout.

Clean CSV file contents before importing to another system.

Some apps output CSV files with dirty data. Maybe there is a totals row you don't want to import. Maybe some rows are missing data. EasyCSV customers are setting up filter rules to remove rows they don't want to import and then uploading the clean data to their API or another application like Zapier or Google Sheets.

Massage Order Data from one app into a CSV file for SFTP upload into ERP

You may have an ERP system that needs a specific CSV file format in order to import orders from Shopify, Big Commerce, Woo Commerce or Magento. Take those orders and hit the EasyCSV API or use our Zapier action to format the content (header and order lines) to comply with ERP > CSV File import rules. Then have EasyCSV push the file go to an SFTP server so a scheduled agent processes the order into ERP.