Use Shopify & EasyCSV Together

How to use EasyCSV to quickly import New Products -OR- Update existing SKUs with supplier or ERP files in your Shopify Store.

How to set up a Shopify import page to create new Products - 4 minutes

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How to import new Products with Shopify Metafields

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How to set up a Shopify import page for updating SKUs from a supplier or ERP file

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  1. Set up you EasyCSV import page using an example CSV file from the supplier or ERP system.
  2. Choose the option to "Update existing SKUs"
  3. Go to Field Mappings once your import pages is created. Choose to column from the spreadsheet that has the SKU. Then choose all the other columns you want to update IF they are different in the spreadsheet file. You don't have to map all fields in Shopify. If you need to set a field on the product or the SKU with an If/Else statment use an EasyCSV Virtual Field.
  4. You can go to your Import Data Flow (top link on your import page) to add tags on products that you want to Skip updates for. This is great in case you have some key products you maintain. Add a tag like "no_update" to the product listing in Shopify, then tell EasyCSV the tag name you used in Shopify. EasyCSV will skip updating those SKUs.
  5. You can now do some test imports or a real import and see the mapped fields updated if there are changes.

How to set update Shopify Product and Variant Metafields in bulk

Only available on our Custom Plans starting at $39/mo. - Contact EasyCSV Support if you need this functionality

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Why should I use EasyCSV with Shopify?

EasyCSV makes it easy for you to receive a CSV/spreadsheet from your product supplier or if you like to write out your new products via spreadsheets firsts then quickly import regularly. No more mapping which column goes to what field in Shopify every time you get a new file. Just set up an import page, drop the file in (or email it to a custom email you get), watch the new products be created in Shopify!

How does the Create Products import work?

EasyCSV has made an importer that accounts for the slowness of the Shopify API. The importer will first create all products from your spreadsheet file without images. Then a process runs to upload all the images. Why? In short, the SHopify API is really slow when adding images to a product. To creat a product with no images takes less than a second. To create a product with 1-5 images usually takes 4-8 seconds depending on the images sizes. Once the products are created in your store you should see images fill in slowly. Keep in mind it may take a little bit (Example: if you import 100 new products, that could take up to 800 seconds / 13 minutes for all images to appear on every product).

What if an image never appears on the product listing? Usually this means Shopify could not download the image from the Image URL that was submitted from the file. The image URL could have been wrong, invalid, or not public. If you notice this please look at the image urls in a web browser and attempt to upload them yourself. If you are able to see the images in the browser, and can upload the image yourself to shopify please reach out to EasyCSV support and we can help troubleshoot your imports.

How do I re-connect Shopify to EasyCSV?

  1. In your Shopify Store admin, click "Apps" in the left navigation. Delete the EasyCSV app. You can also find this page by navigating to https://{ your store }
  2. Be logged into EasyCSV and then click here: Add EasyCSV to Shopify

Why is Shopify limited to a certain number when creating new products?

EasyCSV would love to help you import many thousands of new products for your Shopify store. However, Shopify has not optimized their API to be fast. This limit does not exist when needing to update SKUs in SHopify. Only when creating net new products in your store from an import.

Shopify typically takes between 1-8 seconds to create one new Product with a couple images via their API. New product creation via the API takes longer with multiple images (especially large file sizes).

Let's take an average speed of 5 seconds of processing per row by Shopify. Attempting to import a thousand records or more might not be a great fit – this is because processing 3,000 records would take about 120 minutes to run.

If you want to import more than 2000 records at once for your Shopify store please contact EasyCSV support. You can also import once. Wait for the records to be created in Shopify. Then import the same file again. EasyCSV will skip already created products and only make new ones.

Why is Shopify limited to 5 MB file sizes for product images?

Shopify has not optimized their API to be fast. In order for your imports to process is a respectable amount of time EasyCSV limits image file sizes for images to be 5 MB or less. Please optimize your images when saving them. If you need to be able to import larger images please contact and we will see what we can do for you.

Can I do imports for more than just Products? Like Inventory, Variants, Orders, etc...

Yes! Just email, tell us your use case, and will help you do imports for other Shopify objects.