Use Shopify & EasyCSV Together

How to use EasyCSV to quickly import Product info into your Shopify Store.

How to set up a Shopify import page - 4 minutes

Click here to add the EasyCSV App to your Shopify Store

Why should I use EasyCSV with Shopify?

EasyCSV makes it easy for you to receive a CSV/spreadsheet from your product supplier or if you like to write out your new products via spreadsheets firsts then quickly import regularly. No more mapping which column goes to what field in Shopify every time you get a new file. Just set up an import page, drop the file in (or email it to a custom email you get), watch the new products be created in Shopify!

How do I re-connect Shopify to EasyCSV?

  1. In your Shopify Store admin, click "Apps" in the left navigation. Delete the EasyCSV app. You can also find this page by navigating to https://{ your store }
  2. Be logged into EasyCSV and then click here: Add EasyCSV to Shopify

Why is Shopify limited to 100 rows per import?

EasyCSV would love to help you import thousands of new products for your Shopify store. However, Shopify has not optimized their API to be fast.

Shopify typically takes between 1-8 seconds to create one new Product with a couple images via their API. New product creation via the API takes longer with multiple images (especially large file sizes).

Let's take an average speed of 5 seconds of processing per row by Shopify. Attempting to import a thousand records or more might not be a great fit – this is because processing 1,000 records would take about 40 minutes to run.

If you want to import more than 100 records at once for your Shopify store please email - We are developing a solution for importing more records at once but need people to help us. You can also lobby Shopify support to make the API faster.

Why is Shopify limited to 5 MB file sizes for product images?

Shopify has not optimized their API to be fast. In order for your imports to process is a respectable amount of time EasyCSV limits image file sizes for images to be 5 MB or less. Please optimize your images when saving them. If you need to be able to import larger images please contact and we will see what we can do for you.

Can I do imports for more than just Products? Like Inventory, Variants, Orders, etc...

Yes! Just email, tell us your use case, and will help you do imports for other Shopify objects.