Use Hubspot & EasyCSV Together

Import entire spreadsheets as Leads / Contacts into Hubspot.

How to import for creating and updating Hubspot Contacts or Leads


  1. Create an EasyCSV account
  2. Create your first import page using the CSV file or Google Sheet that contains your data
  3. Choose for your data destination to be Hubspot
  4. Once on your new import page, connect Hubspot by following the directions or clicking Import Flow in the top nav, and finding the option at the bottom to paste in your Hubspot API Key.
  5. Last step, map your CSV fields to the proper Hubspot fields. Follow the directions below the Hubspot field names if needed.
  6. That's it! Now you can go back to the import page and upload your CSV file or Google Sheet and each row of you file will become a Hubspot Contact or match an existing Contact by email or phone and update the contact.