Embed a CSV Upload Form in your website

How to use our javascript plugin to embed a spreadsheet upload form in any website.

2-minute Install - How to start uploading

  1. Create an EasyCSV import page using an example CSV file.
  2. Use your EasyCSV.io hosted import page to complete full set up and do some quick import testing to verify everything is working as expected.
  3. At the top of your EasyCSV hosted import page click the link "Sheet Details & Settings" > "Embed in your website"
  4. Click the option to allow embedding for your import page.
  5. Copy the HTML Tag below and paste it in the spot of your webpage where you want the Import form to appear:

  6. On the EasyCSV Embed Settings Page, you will see a unique Javascript snippet for your import page. Copy and paste the snippet on your website page right before the HTML </body> close tag. The snippet will look something like this (COPY AND PASTE THE SNIPPET FROM YOUR EMBED SETTINGS):

  7. Click the save button at the bottom of the Embed settings page form to fully enable embedding.
  8. Refresh your webpage after pasting the code snipepts above and enabling embedding and you should see your import form!
    If you have any issues please contact us using the EasyCSV.io web chat and/or email our Support Team - we will respond as fast as we can :)
  9. When someone uploads a CSV file to import the file will be parsed and processed according to the Import Flow you set up on the EasyCSV Import Page. Look for the "Import Flow" link on the top of your import page on EasyCSV.io. You can specify for the data to be posted to your own API, Zapier, and many other destinations.

Extra Options for the embeddable plugin

Pass the user's email with each upload

Why? EasyCSV requires an email to import. It is ONLY used to give the importing user a status update when their import is finished. If you do not pass the user's email when the script loads then the user will be prompted to enter their email.

To fill out the user's email for them add the "importer_email" param when loading the embed script. Example:

Have an idea for a new option?
Tell us what embeddable options you would like. Use the EasyCSV.io webchat or Contact Us with your request. We often add small asks quickly.

Security Options for the embeddable form

Only allow uploads from specific web domain(s)

At the top of your EasyCSV hosted import page click the link "Sheet Details & Settings" > "Embed". If you have enabled embedding then you will see an option to enter a list of line-separated domain names. If you need to test in non-production environments then you can add something like localhost:3000

Verify importer email address

Every import being uploaded will have an email of the person who initiated the import. The user will either have personally entered their email or it will have been set when the embed script was initialized. You can use this email to verify this person should be able to do an import into your system.

Advanced: Pass and verify import codes your site generates

You can load the EasyCSV javascript with a unique code your website generates. That code will be passed to EasyCSV and then to the data destination. You can then verify the code at the destination is a valid code your website generated. NOTE: The code can be used for multiple imports.

Let's say you generate code a1b2c3d4e5. To pass that code, load the javascript plugin like this:

The data destination will receive that import code so you can validate it is legitimate. Return a standard 401 unathorized error to EasyCSV or simply drop any data being posted.

Use EasyCSV.io to host the upload form instead of your website

Do you want EasyCSV to host a form as a webpage for you to link to?

You can even use your logo and colors! It's easy:

  1. Create your EasyCSV import page.
  2. On your import page, click the Sharing option.
  3. Enable the option to allow others to upload spreadsheets and import.
  4. Save the form.
  5. You can copy the URL to your import page and share it with anyone or link to it from your website.
  6. To use your own logo and colors, go to the top of your EasyCSV hosted import page click the link "Sheet Details & Settings" > "Import Page Details"
  7. Click the option to show your logo and colors.
  8. Now you have a hosted import form page for your users!

Embeddable Form Rate Limits

To protect yourself and the EasyCSV platform there is a cap on the number of imports per hour from an upload form embedded in your website. The starting limit is: 120 file imports allowed per hour. We believe most customers will never reach this limit but we still have it in place for safety reasons.

If you need a higher limit please contact EasyCSV Support and we can chat about a higher limit for your account. This limit does not exist on hosted EasyCSV.io upload form pages.