Use Xero & EasyCSV Together

How to use EasyCSV to enable anyone to upload CSV/Google Sheet data into Xero.

Xero quick setup video

How to connect Xero to EasyCSV

  1. Log into EasyCSV
  2. Create a new sheet import page on using an example CSV file or Google Sheet of what you want to import into Xero (shown how-to in video above).
  3. After the page is created, click the "Connect Xero Account" button or go into Sheet Details to connect your account.
  4. Then follow the directions below to map spreadsheet columns to the correct fields in Xero.

How do I map spreadsheet column names to Xero columns?

Use the EasyCSV feature: "Field Mappings". You will find it at the top of your sheet import page if you are logged into EasyCSV and are the admin.

For each Xero field you want populated create a new field mapping.

Select the column value you want pushed into a specific Xero fields for invoices and more.

How do I re-authorize / re-connect my Xero Account to EaysCSV?

Click here to reconnect Xero to EasyCSV