Use Dropbox & EasyCSV Together

How push and/or automate CSV files into Dropbox or download file and send them to any App or API on a schedule

How to push CSV files into Dropbox - 4 minutes

  1. Create an EasyCSV import page with the data destination being Dropbox.
  2. Connect your Dropbox account to EasyCSV.
  3. Specify the filename you want for the CSV file pushed to Dropbox.
  4. Specify the folder path you want the file to be placed in on Dropbox. You need to create the folder in your Dropbox account before importing.
  5. Add any filter rules on the import page to filter out data you don't want.
  6. Edit the column rules to remove columns from the final CSV file.
  7. Use Virtual Fields to combine or transform existing column data. You can use Virtual Fields to add new columns for the final CSV file pushed to Dropbox.
  8. You are ready to import spreadsheets into Dropbox!