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One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Shopify Integration

Create products, update SKU & stock information, create Orders from CSV files, and create CSV files for Orders & Products for your Shopify Store

Quickly create products or update SKUs from supplier lists or if you like to write out new products in spreadsheets

No more mapping which spreadsheet column is for what Shopify field every time you get a new file to import. Just set up your import page once and then never edit those files again. Just import them via EasyCSV.

More import fields than Shopify or Zapier

Specify more Shopify fields from spreadsheet files than anywhere else. Set up everything about a new product listing including SEO fields for every new product.

Shopify Orders

Use EasyCSV to send Shopify Orders as CSV files for fulfillment via email or FTP.

You can also accept orders from outside of Shopify as CSV or XLSX files and create orders in Shopify via email, FTP, and more!

How to guides

Use these triggers & actions with spreadsheet data

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Create Products

Create new Products from rows in a spreadsheet or CSV file.

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Update SKUs / Product Variants

Bulk update SKUs from a spreadsheet file

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Orders to CSVs

Every time an order is made, create a CSV file and send it somewhere.

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Products Variants to CSV

Schedule an automatic pull of your product info and send it as a CSV file.

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Create Orders from CSV files

Change orders you get from outside of Shopify to orders inside of Shopify.

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Sync Catalog Price List

Keep Shopify Catalog Price Lists for Wholesale and B2B stores up to date.

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Popular Connections

Try It Shopify small logo Email New CSV File small logo
Shopify Product & Stock info to Email as a CSV

Schedule an email with a CSV with all your Shopify Product Info

Try It Shopify small logo FTP or SFTP small logo
Shopify Orders to FTP / SFTP CSV

Automatically send Shopify orders to FTP as a CSV file

Try It FTP or SFTP small logo Shopify small logo
FTP / SFTP to Shopify

Fetch data from FTP and import into Shopify