1. Integrations
  2. FTP or SFTP
  3. Shopify


Sync FTP data files to Shopify

Automatically download CSV or XLSX files from FTP and push the data into Shopify.

Use an EasyCSV import page to download data from a FTP / SFTP server. Simply set up your import page with an example CSV file and set Shopify as the destination for the data. Once the import page is created then set a schedule to fetch the files from the FTP, FTPS, or SFTP server. Then new data will be pushed into your Shopify store when you need it.

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Good ways to use FTP or SFTP and Shopify together

  • Download CSV file from FTP and create new products in Shopify

  • Get a XLSX file from SFTP and push the data into Shopify

  • Remove bad data from a CSV file and upload the clean data into Shopify