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Personal cloud storage for files and photos that you can access with any device wherever you are.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Connect and automate data between apps via CSV or XLSX files from OneDrive

Connect apps with data from spreadsheet files

Use CSV or XLSX files to sync data between apps automatically:

  1. Automatically fetch CSV / XLSX from OneDrive and send to another App or Zapier
  2. Make a new CSV file when you want to import a file from FTP, Email, another OneDrive file, and more. You can filter out rows you don't need, rename column headers, and transform data as needed.
  3. Create CSV or XLSX files directly in OneDrive with data from a Zapier Zap or send the data via the EasyCSV API as JSON.

OneDrive + EasyCSV How To Guides

Use these triggers & actions with spreadsheet data

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Automatic import of CSV or XLXS files

Grab and process spreadsheet files on a schedule

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Create CSV file from data

Create a new CSV file from JSON or Zapier data and have it placed in your OneDrive account

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Create New CSV file from another file

Upload a new CSV after importing, filtering, and transforming data from another CSV or XLSX file

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Popular Connections

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Upload new files from FTP / SFTP to OneDrive

Automatically send new FTP files to a OneDrive folder