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Pipedrive Integration

Import deals, people, and organizations from Spreadsheets into Pipedrive

Enable anyone on your team or contractors to import data in bulk

Need to move data into Pipedrive regularly? Let anyone on your team or lead prospectors import spreadsheet data as persons, deals, or organizations.

Get an easy import page you can link to, have your team email CSV files attached to emails to be auto-imported, or POST CSV files to the EasyCSV API. It's easy to get set up and data flowing in minutes.

How to guides

Use these triggers & actions with spreadsheet data

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Create a Person

Create people from rows in a spreadsheet or CSV file.

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Create Deals

Make new deal for every row in spreadsheets your team wants to import.

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Create Organizations

Add new organizations from data collected in Spreadsheets, CSVs, and Google Sheets.

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Create Products

Create Products in Pipedrive and add them to Deals.

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