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IFTTT Integration

Import CSV files and Google Sheets into IFTTT

Upload a spreadsheet for you Applet

IFTTT usually looks for single triggers your Applet to run. But sometimes you want to trigger your Applet with many things at one time. Use a spreadsheet to run your Applet in bulk!

Authorize IFTTT to EasyCSV. Choose your CSV file or Google Sheet via the import page you get, send it via email to a custom email you get, or post the CSV file via the EasyCSV API.

Then IFTTT will process every record in the file!

IFTTT + EasyCSV How To Guides

Use these triggers & actions with spreadsheet data

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Bulk upload data

Upload an entire CSV or Google Sheet into your Applet

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Send spreadsheets to apps & devices

IFTTT has hundreds of apps & devices you can send CSV and Google Sheet data to all at once

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