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How to automatically push CSV/XLSX files from FTP to Google Drive

Move files from a FTP or SFTP server directly to Google Drive

Do you need an easy way to get files from FTP to Google Drive automatically?

EasyCSV can help you with that.

Simply create an EasyCSV import page. Set up your automatic scheduled fetcher to check your FTP/SFTP/FTPS server for new CSV or XLSX files on the schedule you want.

Then specify if you want all columns put into a new file on Google Drive or if you want to make a new file with less columns or clean up the data.

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Good ways to use FTP or SFTP and Google Drive together

  • Download CSV file from a FTP / SFTP server, clean up the file, and push a new file into Google Drive

  • Download a CSV file from Google Drive and push the file to an FTP / SFTP server