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Circle Integration

The modern platform for community management

Perform bulk operations with Circle Members, Tags, & Topics

Use a CSV file or Google Sheet to perform bulk operations for members or tags in your community.

Add or remove members from Spaces or Space Groups

Create a list of Members that are part of your community in a spreadsheet and easily choose to add or remove them from spaces or space groups.

Add or remove tags from members

Need to add or remove a large number of tags from many members? It's easy with EasyCSV & Circle. Create CSV files with a member email per row and one column with a comma-separated list of tags. Then choose to add or remove the tags from each user. It's that easy!

Bulk create new topics

Are you migrating to Circle from another platform? Need to create a bunch of new topics at once? Just create them in a spreadsheet and import them into into Circle using EasyCSV.

Use these triggers & actions with spreadsheet data

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Bulk Add/Remove Members from Spaces

Quickly manage members for a given space in your community.

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Bulk Direct Message

Send direct messages to many community members in bulk.

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Bulk Add/Remove Members from Space Groups

Efficiently manage members who have access to all Spaces in a Group.

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Bulk Add/Remove Tags for Members

Add or remove lists of tags for many members in bulk.

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Bulk Create Topics

Create many topics at once for you community with a spreadsheet.

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Remove Members from a Community

Quickly remove large groups of members from a comunity.

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