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Airtable is a collaborative workspace with endless solutions.

Airtable Integration

Append or Update data in Airtable from CSV files or Google Sheets

Send data into your Airtable Base

Choose to send your imports to Airtable, put in your Base and Table Info, and then you can push new rows or update existing records in your Airtable Base, Tables & Views.

Schedule & Automate CSV Exports from Airtable

Use EasyCSV Scheduled Fetchers to export all the data from an Airtable Table and send it to another service or person as a CSV email attachment or file sent to FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive and more!

You can also send the data in bulk to another server supported by EasyCSV.

Airtable via EasyCSV How To Guides

Use these triggers & actions with spreadsheet data

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Append New Records/Data

Append new data from CSVs or Google Sheet data into your Airtable Bases & Tables.

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Update Existing Records/Data

Find and update existing data in your Airtable Bases & Tables.

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Schedule Airtable Table Exports to CSV

Send Airtable data as a CSV file email attachment, upload to FTP, Google Drive, and more!

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Popular Connections

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Airtable to email CSV attachment

Schedule automatic exports from Airtable as a CSV file attached to an email.

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Airtable to FTP or SFTP as a CSV File

Schedule CSV exports from Airtable to FTP/SFTP