Use Twilio & EasyCSV Together

Import entire spreadsheets as Tasks and more for Twilio.

How to import Twilio Tasks from a CSV file or Google Sheet


  1. Create an EasyCSV account
  2. Create your first import page using the CSV file or Google Sheet that contains your Twilio Task data
  3. For you EasyCSV import page, specify the webhook as: (replace WSXXXX... with the ID of your workspace)
  4. Select the radio button for: POST to webhook as FORM data
  5. Click Save
  6. At the top of you EasyCSV import page, when you are logged in, click the link labeled "Customize JSON to Post"
  7. Specify some custom JSON like this (replace the Attributes key/value pairs with spreadsheet column names or hard-coded value): { "Attributes": { "email": "{{ EMAIL }}", "language": "en", "sport": "baseball" } }
  8. Click Save
  9. At the top of you EasyCSV import page, when you are logged in, click the link labeled "Request Headers". We will be adding a Basic Auth Header
  10. Create a header with the key text "Authorization"
  11. For the value we will need to Base64 encode Your_Twilio_Account_SID:Your_Auth_Token - Our example looked like this AC9889685647c40097a22fac:e9ae50fa116fcd14a4d66b61.
  12. To get your Twilio Account SID and auth_token, go to the TaskRouter Dashboard and click the "Show Api Credentials" link in the upper-right.
  13. Next we need to Base64 endcode the string Your_Twilio_Account_SID:Your_Auth_Token. To do this in the Google Chrome Browser, right-click anywhere on the page you are viewing in Chrome. Click "Inspect". In the inspector, click "Console". In the console window type this and hit ENTER: btoa("Your_Twilio_Account_SID:Your_Auth_Token") (replace "Your_Twilio_Account_SID" and "Your_Auth_Token")
  14. Copy the result from the btoa command in the console.
  15. Back in EasyCSV, for the header value type: Basic result_string_from_btoa_command (replace "result_string_from_btoa_command" with what you copied)
  16. Click Save
  17. That's it! Now you can go back to the main import view and upload your CSV file or Google Sheet and each row of you file will become a Twilio Task.