Use Mailchimp & EasyCSV Together

How manually import and/or automate CSV / XLSX files into Mailchimp

How to import CSV / XLSX files into Mailchimp - 2 minutes

  1. Create an EasyCSV import page with the data destination being Mailchimp.
  2. Connect your Mailchimp account to EasyCSV.
  3. Choose your Mailchimp List / Audience to import file data into. The import can add or update members of the list.
  4. Map the CSV / XLSX file columns to Mailchimp fields.
  5. Use Virtual Fields to combine or transform existing column data. You can use Virtual Fields to make sure you map data to Mailchimp fields the way you need.
  6. Add any filter rules on the import page to filter out data you don't want.
  7. You are ready to import spreadsheets into Mailchimp!